About Us

Thank you for your interest, we love to tell you a little bit about us. But please remember this isn’t really about us – this is about you because “home is where YOU are”.


We just love real estate; it is our passion and turned from a Hobby into a job into our life.

The last 20 years we renovated, remodelled, refurbished, restored, bought, sold, invested, advertised… homes of all kinds.

We started researching great real estate deals on the internet 12 years ago and never stopped. First, we shared good deals with friends and family and soon after we created our own property portals.

Here are some of our real estate portals

https://www.propertyunder20k.com/ is one of the most famous and loved websites we have. Many people are amazed by the nice houses, apartments and lands you can buy for less than 20,000 EUR.

https://www.propertyunder50k.com/ is one of our most popular and most visited websites. People just love to find houses, apartments and lands you can buy for less than 50,000 EUR.

https://www.propertyunder100k.com/ is one of the more recent property portals. Everybody who is on a small budget can discover all sorts of real estate his money can buy – everything for less than 100,000 EUR.

https://www.all-real-estate.com/ is a newer real estate portal. It is one of the few portals where you can post homes from all over world, you are not limited to a certain location. All ads are displayed on a world map.

Are you a real estate agent? Or someone who likes to sell his house? Then this is for you.

https://www.listproperty4free.com is one of our favourites. This is the place where everybody can create their very own property ad and advertise their real estate for sale. Everybody who is interested in your ad will contact you directly.