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Home is your safe place

To flourish, we all need a safe place – both physically and emotionally – ideally home is the ultimate place where you are safe. You can lock yourself in and you are in a safe sanctuary where nothing can harm you.

Home is your safe place
Home is your safe place

Make Your Home a Haven and Refuge in This Increasingly Stressful Time

The last couple of weeks gave a lot food for thought – not only because we are bored at home due to the Covid-19 – but mainly because priorities seemed to have changed. At the moment it seems to be all back to the basic needs.

Home is Your Safe Place – Hygiene

Hygiene became a big thing since the Covid-19 outbreak, not that we all were dirty before but we definitely got more aware about how easily some diseases can spread if we are not careful. Regular hand washing and disinfecting is more important than ever.

Since the Covid-19 minimalism is the new way to go when it comes to decorating your furniture – it is so much easier to clean and disinfect. Only keep a few items that are serving a purpose, like a clock or a coffee machine. 😊

Make hand washing your coming-home-ritual

Another thing that would come in handy now is a sink beside the entrance door. You could wash your hands right after entering the house. It can become part of your coming-home-ritual, you enter, take your coat and shoes off and wash your hands.

Home is Your Safe Place – a Place of Peace

Once you’ve taken care of your physical safety in your home it’s time to look at your emotionally needs as well. This part is a little bit tricky as it not just comes down other people who share the same home with you. You may need to learn how to coexist under one roof.

In order to accomplish this, it is good to keep an open communication with everybody to consider each other’s needs, practice love and show respect for everybody’s private space.

Home is a place that hugs us when we walk through the door.

A little bit of greenery can make all the difference

Apart from that, make sure that you create a stress-free environment. If your space is limited maybe just a corner where you can relax and unwind. As we are all different, you need to find out what this means for you. For me for example, this would mean to bring in the natural world. Some green colours, a beautiful pot with flowers can make all the difference.

Would You Be Happy Being Quarantined in Your Home?

Taking into consideration what happened over the last few weeks, your home has to be a safe place more than ever. Always I look at a home for sale now, I ask myself, would I be happy being quarantined in this house?

What do you think, will the covid-19 change the way we think about real estate? Let us know what you think.

Home Is Your Safe Place – What Does It Mean for You?

What turns your home into a safe place? Please leave a comment below.

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