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Home is where you are

This is probably one of the most said words about homes. Usually it said to a someone else. Somebody maybe said it to you. And yet, even if you live alone it’s absolutely true. Without you, your home would not exist.  You are the one who makes a place your home.

It is the place where you are most of the time, where you love to be; where you start from in the morning and return to at the end of the day. A place full of memories, warmth and safety. It is a house, apartment or maybe some other sort of building or no building at all… a place you love because you have a special bond.

Home is where the heart is

You can have your home within yourself in that sense – in your heart.

Home is where the heart is

It is the place your heart longed to be in an attempt to feel love, comfort and happiness. A place you truly love.

For many the word “home” is deeply attached to their childhood from the time when they grow up and felt this unconditional love and total safety. If you sometimes visit the house where you grow up in it may bring back this special home-feeling where you have so many memories.

It might have some of those unique home features, such as the markings at the door frame to see your height when growing up.

Homes for sale

Buy a home

Homes for sale” – This term usually is a bit misleading. Technically, you can’t really buy a home. You can buy a house and turn it into a home. Every home is unique and customised to your personal taste and preferences. Simply put memories, items and people you love in it, add some cushions and voilà – you have a home.

What it means to be home

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